When a painting is commissioned it becomes a very personal project for both the patron and the artist. We start with a conversation and identify the subject, level of background detail, painting size and your budget.
We will discuss any preferences or concerns that you have throughout the evolution of  your painting.

My process for a commission requires several photos of the subject. Through candid photos I can get a very good idea of the subjects personality.  I generally paint portraits after meeting with the person who is to be my subject. I will make sketches, take color notes and provide a sketch and color study for your approval. When we are satisfied I will take a final photo from which to paint from but not with the intent to reproduce !


My oil paintings are created either on cotton or linen fabric or the finest of French watercolor paper. I then prepare the surface with several coats of a gesso ground. I meticulously sand between each layer until I achieve the desired surface, and then I apply the oil paint.  The paintings will be varnished but not framed.  After completion an oil painting must be allowed to dry for one month before a temporary varnish  can be applied. All work is performed in my studio and I will send you digital photo updates via e-mail if you like throughout the  progression of your painting.


An  11″x14″  single person portrait in oil starts at  $499.  The commission is due in three equal payments:  1/3 after our first meeting, 1/3 after the painting is well underway  and the final 1/3 upon delivery.

If you are interested in commissioning an original oil painting please contact me at studiocasciato@yahoo.com.